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Rainbow Kit: 12 Mini Candles + 3 FREE Mini Charts (Chakras; Colour Therapy; Magical Spells)

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Product Description

Rainbow Kit: 12 Mini Candles + 3 FREE  Mini Charts:  Chakras; Colour Therapy; Magical Spells

VALUED AT OVER ~ $21 for ONLY $13

This is a once only special - Never to be repeated.

The Rainbow Kit includes:

  1. 12 Mini Taper Candles. Each candle burns for 9 hrs.
  2. 1 FREE Chakras Mini Chart
  3. 1 FREE Colour Therapy Mini Chart
  4. 1 FREE Magical Spells Mini Chart

Everything that you need to work your own magic, heal and balance your Chakras and understand why you are attracted to certain colours or energies.

Receive a beautiful set of Australian Made Mini Tapered Candles + 3 FREE  Mini Charts

About Our Mini Charts:

Printed and protection coated on both sides. Size: 16cm x 23.5cm

Chakras Mini Chart - Learn about Chakras, what they are and how to attain good health the easy way with the Chakras Mini Chart.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “wheel” or “disk”. Chakras form part of our body’s energy system and help to balance our Qi or Life Force Energy by spinning like wheels at great speeds. Chakras are the gateways to our consciousness and connect the physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies. We have thousands of Chakras throughout our body but there are 7 main Chakras that are the most well known. The seven main Chakras are aligned along the spinal column connected by arteries, veins and nerves from the base of our spine to the top of the head. These Chakras also connect to every organ, gland and body system via the endocrine and nervous systems. This handy Mini Chart is a comprehensive introduction to the 7 Chakras and their therapeutic potential.

This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 14 Essential areas:

1. Examines the 7 Chakras in beautiful colour

2. Beautifully illustrated diagrams of each Chakra

3. Explains the Purpose, Principal of Being and Effects of each Chakra

4. Describes the symbol and colour for each Chakra

5. Outlines the location of each Chakra in the body and the Direction that each Chakra points

6. Lists the parts of the body associated with each Chakra

7. Identifies the Essential Oils and Gemstones or Crystals that are beneficial for each Chakra

8. Details the Element and the Zodiac or Planets associated with each Chakra

9. Describes when the Chakra is in and out of harmony

10. States the massage directions for males and females

11. Outlines the Mantras and Tones required to bring each Chakra back into balance

12. Illustrates in diagram form the direction of rotation during massage for Males and Females

13. Shows in diagram form the areas of the feet and hands which correspond to each Chakra for massage

14. And more . . .

A concise and very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about Chakras.

Colour Therapy Mini Chart - Learn how to use colour to attain good health the easy way with the Colour Therapy Mini Chart.

Colour Therapy is also called Chromotherapy and is an alternative medicine that uses colour to influence mind, mood, cognitive function and health. This handy Mini Chart introduces the magic of colour and its therapeutic potential on mind, body and Spirit.

This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 9 Essential areas:

1. Examines the suitability and healing properties of the 8 major colours and their effects on mind, mood, cognitive function and health.

2. Explains the characteristics of the 8 major colours concerning Chakras, attributes, physical effects, distribution, light, best use, poor use, special effect and percentage use

3. Identifies the various issues, ailments and conditions that are affected by the 8 colours to provide therapeutic relief

4. Details the Aura or Energy Body and how colour is associated with it

5. Features how colour is used within nature

6. Gives Visualisation and Meditation tips

7. Provides a colour wheel to assist in identifying your personality type based on the 8 major colours

8. Shows a colour wheel which sets out the colour schemes for the 4 Seasons and includes 4 colour themes within the 4 Seasons for easy identification of the most beneficial colour to use throughout the year.

9. And more . . .

A very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about Colour Therapy.

Magical Spells Mini Chart - Learn about Magical Spells the easy way with the Magical Spells Mini Chart.

Magic is an attempt to understand, experience and influence the world using rituals, symbols and language in a manner similar to religion. Modern Western magicians generally state that the magic's primary purpose is for personal spiritual growth. The belief in and the practice of Magic has been present since the earliest human cultures and continues to have an important religious and medicinal role in many cultures today.

A Spell is a form of words used as a magical charm or incantation which can cause a state of enchantment.

Witchcraft, witchery or spellcraft is the use of magical faculties, most commonly for religious, divinatory or medicinal purposes. Magic and Witchcraft has been practiced since the earliest human cultures and continues to have an important religious and medicinal role in many cultures today. It has been exploited and misrepresented, but has also led to great benefits and discoveries. This handy Mini Chart introduces 23 Magical Spells for everyday use.

This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 5 Essential areas:

1. Examines the 23 Magical Spells

2. Includes topics such as compassion, curing headache, healing, heart break, hex breaking, kissing, lost and found, love, luck, lust, removing a wart, reversing spell, slowing down and speeding up time, stop smoking, study, weight loss, wishes

3. Explains What you Need and What you Do

4. Sets out the Spell or Incantation

5. And more . . .

A very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about the Magical Spells.

About Our Candles:

Your Australian Candles are:

  • Slow or Long Burning for 9 hours
  • Australian Made with the User in mind not the market
  • Hand crafted with traditional processes and made with old fashioned love using the best natural products
  • Non-Toxic and proven so through extensive laboratory testing
  • Made from the highest quality, refined, food grade paraffin wax; containing no ashes or resins. This wax is so safe that it is used extensively in the food industry for greaseproof paper, paper plates, milk shake containers, chees wrapping and even organic bananas. It is also a medical grade product used in the treatment of Arthritis.
  • Made from vegetable dyes, the same used in batik art.
  • Made from unbleached Australian cotton wicks
  • Made with a higher melting point of 62 degrees Centigrade so no acids are required to harden the candles or wicks.
  • Smokeless and safe to burn in confined spaces making them ideal for travellers, city dwellers, caravans, tents, tepees.
  • Animal product Free
  • Guaranteed for a perfect burn every time.
  • the best candles to burn whilst Meditation, for Ceremonies, Rituals, Spells or Colour Therapy

Commercial Candles:  Most of the commercially made candles in the marketplace today are made using semi refined paraffin.  Semi refined paraffin is the cheapest wax available, it has a low melt point so acids and hardeners are added to bring the melt point up.  In large candle producing countries like China and Thailand, candle molding machines are used. These machines can product 1000s of candles per hour so the carbon footprint is huge.  The wicks are stiffened with zinc and in some cases lead is still used.

Safer than Soy, Palm or Bees Wax:  When people talk to us about the effects oil refineries are having on global warming and why we aren’t using alternative products, most people aren’t informed of the processes required in producing these alternative fuels.  Soy Bean wax is made using Hydrogen created out of fossil fuels like coal and is a highly processed product.  Palm wax and Palm Oil products are the main culprits in the devastation of rainforests and the elimination of the Orangutan habitat and after viewing documentaries on the plight of these beautiful gentle human like animals, we could never contemplate using or support such a product.  Refined paraffin is a product which is available and used in many, many applications, it is a by product with an existing carbon footprint, wereas soy wax and palm wax aren’t used outside the candle and cosmetic industry, are creating new carbon footprints and are even more highly processed products then our food grade wax.  Waxes like soy bean, palm and beeswax are soft waxes and are not suitable for tapered candles; they are best used as container candles.  Beeswax is a beautiful wax, however, it is a soft and has a slugist burn.  Most commercially produced beeswax candles are a blend of 70% semi refined paraffin 30% beeswax.  To create a smokeless beeswax candle, again high amounts of processing is required just to give you a smokeless candle.  Can you justify the extra energy produced and required just so your beeswax candle won’t smoke?

Candle Maintenance:

  • Our candles have an approximate burn time, however to get the most out of your candles it is recommended to keep the wick trimmed to 10mm at all times.  This allows the candle to burn at its intended rate.  If you leave the wick long it will create a longer than required flame, causing it to burn hotter than necessary, reducing the candles burn time.
  • Remove all stickers and packaging from your candle prior to lighting, even the sticker on the base.
  • Always light candles from the base of the wick because it draws the wax up the wick rather than burning the wick down to the wax to ignite.
  • It is advisable to burn a candle for the first time for a minimum of 1 hour because this allows the candle to properly warm allowing it to burn properly every time you relight it.
  • Never leave candles unattended while burning.
  • Burn candles away from drafts because a draft will cause your candle to burn unevenly, drip and smoke.
  • Keep candles out of strong light because the light can make the colour fade.
  • Refrigerate your candles for 1hour before burning because they will last longer.  Wrap them in foil or plastic when they are in the fridge or the wick will absorb moisture and the candle will not burn properly.
  • If you don't have a long match or lighter to reach a deep or high candle, light a piece of uncooked dried spaghetti and use it to light the candle.
  • Use an extinguisher or snuffer to put your candles out, or blow with your finger to your lips to block most of the force of your breath.  This will prevent candle wax from being splattered around by the force of your breath.  It is said that this practice is the origin of the gesture "shhhhh" with finger to mouth, used at bedtime to quiet children and put out the lights.

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