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Awakening Lotus Meditation CD

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Product Description

Awakening Lotus Meditation CD

By Joanne Thompson, Australia

"The Awakening Lotus Meditation CD allows you to get lost in that place of tranquil bliss.  I love it!  It's so much a reflection of Jo's heart and soul and the passion she has for her work.  I recommend it to everyone who needs to take some time out and get in touch with their Inner Self."  Jackie Nugara, Self Directions Life & Business Coach, 8 January 2007

I have finally produced my own CD and I am thrilled with it.  The CD includes 2 tracks:

  1. Relaxation; and 
  2. The Awakening Lotus Meditation.

Background sounds are the soft and gentle sounds of nature including native animals and a babbling brook to sooth and relax.

Download a sample of the Awakening Lotus Meditation to try before you buy:  AwakeningLotus-Sample.MP3 (3.2 Mb)

"I have loved lotus flowers for a really long time. I think that they have a magical power.  For me, they embody: love and beauty; strength and delicacy; purity and the vastness of creation.

I have been on a journey of self discovery for quite some time and I love it!  I have found much joy in my life. Sometimes this has come with pain and grief but I have turned these difficult times around to become: challenges that inspire me; and opportunities for growth and magic.

I wanted to share this meditation with you so that you are inspired to create beautiful and loving opportunities in your life too.  I believe that it doesn’t matter what the hardship is or how murky the water can get.  You can manifest the strength to go on and turn your challenges into motivation and inspiration.  You can create magic in your life to be what ever you want to be.  Just like a perfect lotus that rises out of the water."  Jo Thompson
About the CD:  The first Relaxation Track is a short meditation to encourage deep, peaceful breathing and relaxation of the body and body parts.  It is great for anyone who is a beginner or for someone wanting to learn how to meditate as it will take you into a deep meditative state and it is short so it is not so difficult to maintain your focus.  This track is also great for anyone who has time constraints and wants to do a deep but short meditation as it only takes 10 minutes.  

The second track is the Awakening Lotus Meditation which will take you into a deep state of relaxation.  It is great for anyone wanting to experience a longer guided meditation (30 mins).  It is the life cycle of the lotus flower, where you are the seed that blossoms into the flower.  This meditation is not only brilliant for relaxation but also encourages you to expand your awareness.  It inspires your own growth, conception and creativity of something new or something you desire, manifestation to carry out your new concept, the wonder and joy of fulfillment and communion with nature.

I hope that you enjoy the Awakening Lotus experience!

Benefits of the Awakening Lotus Meditation CD:  Some of the benefits that you have gained by participating in this meditation include:

  • Relaxation of mind, body and soul
  • Allowing your mind to wander on a journey that includes visualisation and use of all your senses: hearing, smelling, touching, tasting and seeing.
  • Changing shape is liberating as you are moving with your surroundings but you can look and feel anyway you want.  Breaking free of limitations.
  • Appreciation of your surroundings and how they impact on you.  Understanding that there is beauty everywhere you turn.
  • Appreciation of Mother Earth and Father Sky and the gifts they give.  Give back to them with love in appreciation for their support.  Acknowledging their gifts and taking part in healing planet earth.
  • What else can you think of . . .

About the Lotus:  

The Lotus is a symbol of:  spirituality; the sacredness of evolution; purity; the potential to rise out of the mud and become something of great beauty; and enlightenment.

The Lotus is very beautiful and in Buddhism its large white bloom was so outstanding in muddy waters that it symbolized the enlightened one in a world of ignorant beings.  The White Lotus Flower, therefore, became the official symbol of Buddhism.

The closed lotus represents potential and depending on the number of petals, the lotus' symbolism changes: 

  • with eight petals, it represents cosmic harmony;
  • with 1,000 petals it means spiritual revelation.
  • In the Orient the Lotus flower has represented divine female fertility for over 5,000 years.
  • The Chinese celebrate the lotus flower in July as the symbol of perfection and purity.  
  • It was sacred to the Greeks as a symbol of beauty.  
  • In the Hindu tradition it was a symbol of the solar matrix, the maternal womb from which the sun rose to renew the word. A golden lotus bore the god Brahma. 
  • The lotus is the emblem of paradise in Japan. 
  • In ancient Egypt the rose of Isis replaced the original lotus when the cultivation of flowers spread to Egypt. The blue lotus was sacred to the Egyptians because it was associated with the sun god "Ra".  The lotus flower was also held by Egyptian mummies.

It is considered to be a valuable food resource as the roots and seeds can be eaten. The Lotus seed is sweet and is used to make a paste for the Moon Cake, which is served during the Autumn Festival.  During Chinese New Year, lotus seeds are cooked and served to visiting relatives. The lotus leaves are used to wrap up rice for steaming.

The lotus is so highly venerated as a plant that it appears symbolically in architecture and paintings.  (Information provided by Pinkies Parlour)

In Love and Light and Good Health  Jo Thompson

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