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Testimonial:  "Hi!  My Name is Leslie.  I want to thank you for the wonderful reading and healing you have done for me.  You told me that Yes I will be able to get pregnant and you helped me get rid of my blockages about conception with the healing.  Shortly after that session, I got pregnant Yeahhh!!  I am having a baby boy who is due in November.  He is in good health, he kicks a lot and has a good heart beat.  I am so grateful.  thank you for your help.  Thanks!  Thanks!  And thanks again!  I will definately come back to see you for a reading and more.  Have a lovely day !"  Leslie S, 20 July 2014 

Testimonial:  “Dear Joanne, Thank you so much for sending me the Griffith designer tarot bag!!!  I've been wanting one of those forever! Lol!! Those have awesome artwork printed on them.
Thanks for the enclosed information sheet and receipt, and for such great customer service!!!  Sincerely, Marcia C",  20 August 2013

Jo Thompson

Awakening Lotus was formed in 2002 by Jo Thompson to support anyone on a spiritual journey.  Awakening Lotus provides New Age Spiritual products and services to empower you on your journey.  And was created to ignite or awaken your own beliefs, truth or sense of spirit and support you in caring for your own soul.

Testimonial:  "If you are seeking your truth with an open mind and heart and are not afraid to undertake an adventure of grand proportions, then I can highly recommend Jo to help you light your path. She has been an unfailing torch-bearer for me on my journey, whilst always acknowledging and allowing the final choice of path to be mine."  Christine E, 5 July 2010


The Philosopy behind Awakening Lotus

The Lotus is a symbol of spirituality, purity, enlightenment, the potential to rise out of the murky depths to become something of great beauty, and sacred evolution.  Every action, thought and deed would serve us better if it was motivated by Love.  I believe that Love is the answer to everything. 

Focusing on ourselves and others with Love, achieves so much more compassion, happiness and peace.  I believe that awareness of our actions, thoughts and deeds is paramount to understanding ourselves and how we interact with the world.  By understanding what motivates us and how we interact with the world we are able to make different choices, ones that serve us better, empower us and lead us towards love.

Awakening Lotus was created to enhance your awareness, empower you on your journey and inspire love.  The products and services provided by Awakening Lotus have been selected to empower you on your journey towards . . .
joy, peace, self fulfillment and love.


New Age Spiritual Products and Services for purchase

Testimonial:  “I love my Wizard Wand that I purchased from you at Paddy's Markets”. Kelly Sampson, New Zealand, 5 May 2010

Awakening Lotus Products

  • Healing Crystals - Hearts, Clusters, Points
  • Empowering Books & DVDs - Spiritual, Healing, Manifestation
  • Intuitive Divination Tools - Oracle, Tarot, Angel
  • Stylish Bags and Boxes - Oracle, Tarot, Jewellery
  • Relaxing CDs - Meditation, Music
  • Inspiring Prints and Stickers - Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies
  • Cleansing Incense and Holders - White Sage, Smudge Sticks, Resins
  • Ambient Candles - Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood
  • Protective Dreamcatchers - Rainbow, Yin Yang, Small
  • Essential Oils - Lavender, Sandalwood, Rose Geranium
  • Healing Essences and Herbs - Personalised, Crystal, Magic
  • Insightful Mini Charts and Decoders - Astrology, Chakras, Tarot
  • Angelic Gifts - Angel Stones, Angel Candleholders, Angel Windchimes
  • Beautiful Ornaments - Angel, Fairy, Dragon, Buddha
  • Supportive Angel Stones - Hope, Courage, Protection
  • Sparkly Suncatchers - Swarovski, Crystal, Angel
  • Inspiring Jewellery - Sacred Geometry, Swarovski, Crystal
  • Colouring-In Mandalas - Happiness, Love
  • Cleansing Body Products - Vegetable Soaps, Salt, Ear Candles, detox
  • Inspiring Calendars - Diaries
  • Colourful Gift Boxes - Thai Silk
  • Peaceful Banners and Prayer Flags - Chakras, Buddha, Rainbow
  • Vibrational Singing Bowls - Tibetan, Small, Large
  • Surprising Show Bag - Stuffed full with sample of products - $10
  • Versatile Gift Vouchers - Readings, Healings, Personalised
  • Jo Thompson with some beautiful Dream Catchers

    Awakening Lotus Services:

    • Aura & Chakra Photography now available at Shop 688-690, Paddy's Haymarket, 9am-5pm, Wed-Sun & Public Holidays.
      Information about Aura & Chakra Photography is available on the Aura & Chakra Photography page.
    • Readings & Healings now available at Shop 688-690, Paddy's Haymarket, 9am-5pm, Wed-Sun & Public Holidays.  Call now to book your Reading or Healing on 0414-706-205.

    Jo Thompson also provides:

    • Psychic Readings - Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Mediumship
    • Energy Healings - Intuitive Healings, Divine Energy Healings
    • Counselling
    • Coaching
    • Workshops - Develop your Intuition, Learn How to Read Angel Cards, Crystals, 
    • Private sessions - by telephone, email, etc
    • Parties - Hen's, Birthday, etc


    Speciality Items

    If you can't find what you are looking for or need a different size, shape, colour or quantity please contact me as I might have it in stock or can order it in for you.  My contact details and a contact form are available on the Contact Us page or phone: 0414 706 205.

    Testimonial:  “And thank you lovely lady for a wonderful day!"  Cheryle C, 30 November 2010